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The potential of Nano Powder Metal. None other than Nano.

It is commonly known that many women experience the nagging problem of spilt ends. This begs the question: What is it's our scissors that is casing this problem? Asking ourselves this question motivated Mizutani's product development team to gain a better understanding of hair when it is being cut using scissors. After researching the key areas of "cutting edge angle", "hardness" and "materials" regarding a scissor blade, Mizutani developed a material called NANO POWDER METAL. This new material has allowed the ACRO Z range to have superior strength, quality and performance above all others.

Material: Nano Powder Metal 
Adjustment System: Screw Driver
Bearing System: Ball Bearing
Suitable for: Blunt / Scissor Over Comb / Sliding / Barbers
Hand: Right or Left
Sizes Available: 5.5・6.0・6.5・7.0