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YS Park 234/254 Super Tapered Barber Comb

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The thinnest Y.S.Park Barber Comb at only 1.1mm thick, giving you a super close cut. It is super flexible allowing you to reach and cut any angle of the scalp, even the really tricky spots like behind the ear and along the nape line. it is also perfect for trimming facial hair. 


  • The soft type is heat resistant up to 110°C and is extra flexible allowing you to flex the comb against the scalp without pushing too hard against the head.
  • The regular type is chemical and heat resistant up to 220°C and has a strong yet flexible body.
  • Length: 187mm with thinnest part only 1.1mm
  • Colour & Type: Carbon Black (soft type) White (soft type) Red (soft type) Camel (regular type) Pink (regular type)