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YS Park 208/238 Short Hair Straight Barber Comb

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The straight edge on this comb is perfect for creating fades and has two unique grip positions that feels comfortable to use. It is 1mm thicker than the other barber combs, and 1mm thinner than the cutting combs so this comb can create a grown in look and feel.


  • Angled teeth to pick up short hair easier.
  • The soft type is heat resistant up to 110°C and is extra flexible allowing you to flex the comb against the scalp without pushing too hard against the head.
  • The regular type is chemical and heat resistant up to 220°C and has a strong yet flexible body.
  • Two grip positions. Length: 168mm with thinnest part only 2.3mm
  • Colours & Types: White (soft type) Camel (regular type)